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Welcome to, the Freedom to drive your RHD car anywhere in Europe or elsewhere! I have launched this website to present and share with you an extremely useful tool that will make your life easier when you travel from the United Kingdom to mainland Europe, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and so on with your RHD (right hand drive) car.

When you come out of the ferry from Dover to Calais in France, there is a UNIQUE pay toll for your RHD car to enter the motorway (Autoroute in French). That is the only RHD pay toll you will see in France ever and this causes a big problem because you will have to get out of the car at every pay toll and it’s very annoying when you travel alone and there is no passenger on your left to assist you to get the tickets or pay at the pay tolls. There are some sections of the motorway that do not even provide tickets in France so you are asked to pay a few euros every 20 miles or so with your credit card … That made my travels very unpleasant before I discovered this special tool. Especially with slippery floor when you get out of your car because of rain or oil on the ground.

I have travelled a lot from UK to France and tried to find a solution to resolve this recurring problem because I didn’t notice any other problem driving a right hand drive car in France or any other left hand drive country except at pay tolls and car parks.

The unique way to remain comfortably and safely on your driver seat and have a pleasant drive is to try our special tool which allows you to perform the following tasks.

1 - Insert and take back your tickets at the motorway and parking pay tolls
2 - Insert and take back your credit/debit card at the pay tolls
3 - Push the assistance or receipt buttons and take your payment receipt

Order the long arm to travel in Europe with your RHD car for only £32.00 GBP or €39.00 EUR Today!




All without damaging your credit card or your parking and motorway tickets thanks to its pier made of rubber.

You can bend our toll in two to save space and put it anywhere in your car to use it easily whenever necessary without the help of another person.

Pay tolls in Europe RHD
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  Satisfied Customers   Enter your card to pay highways in France   No damage to your card or ticket RHD  

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Drive Anywhere in Europe and Travel Hassle Free!


Your Testimonials:

"This is the best product I have purchased since I live in France. All I have to do is drive my car (which I do everyday) without the frustration to pay or enter parkings in Paris! - Jaguar XJ8 driver

"Man, no longer need to get out of my car! This is amazing..."

"You won't find a better one... it really works."

Order the long arm to travel in Europe with your RHD car for only £32.00 GBP or €39.00 EUR Today!


I have compiled two small videos to show the long arm in action.

Demonstration video #1


Demonstration video #2


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It's so easy. Drive your RHD car anywhere in Europe. Don't get out of your car on French motorways / Autoroutes. Drive your RHD car without passenger assistance when travelling in Europe, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain etc... You will be glad to have our product next to you when you travel. We use Paypal to make sure your payment is processed securely. We respect your privacy and we will never sell or rent your personal information. Your purchase is 100% safe and secure. Thank You! -